I Stopped Being a Blogger

I doubt anyone will even notice that I started this again. I figured maybe it would be good for me to write down my innane thoughts again, save some room in my brain for more important things.

It's snowing today. I have no use for snow unless I'm playing in it or it gives me a day off of work. Of course neither ever really happens. Unless you have a kid, then you can get out of work b/c they don't have school.



Mel Gibson was caught drunk driving last week, he's an idiot. Then on GMA today they showed an interview with him where he said he's had substance abuse problems, and how there were times he actually drove drunk. Well, he's done it again. Yipee!

I'm happy to say that although I've watched some Mel Gibson movies, I've never though that he was especially handsome or good looking. I think his teeth are too big and too white. Have you seen the pictures of him lately? It looks like he's qualifying to be the next unibomber.

Then again, when you get a second look at him, he does bear a resemblance to Saddam.

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It's been a month

I'm back to blogging. Work got really crazy, and I generally do this on my break at work. When I'm home I have no desire to blog or even be near the computer.

There's nothing going on in my life, except I could rant about the government, but I can do that any time. Right now it's b/c there seems to be no way at all to get ahead. Just when you think you're paying down your debt, more debt comes along. Cars, pets. This is another good reason not to have kids, they cost too much.